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☾Let the Music Be Your Master ☾

~Ride the night into the morning sun. Let the walls burn down, set your secrets free. ~
Hi I'm McKenzie and I'm currently a history major and music/sociology minor at IU. You'll get random information on various artists. I know way too many facts about music anyway so I might as well share them with you all. Also, requests for gifsets and photosets are always welcome so don't be afraid to ask!  Enjoy!

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Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon

Sia- Breathe Me

"Sometimes the strongest one’s around us are the one’s who smile through the silent pain, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody else sees."

It upsets me when people make fun of the things I believe in. I don’t think there’s anything funny at all about my love of ethereal things or magic or the spirit world. I’m very serious about those things.

Secret Garden by Luca Meneghel 

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Credit: Rick Mashups on YouTube

"I feel like there’s just so much more music in my soul that I need to get out. As long as there’s an audience that still wants to hear my music then I’ll try to keep it going. The music will be the one to tell me when it’s time to stop and nothing else."


'Downtime II'

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, Esher, 1965. Taken by Henry Grossman.

"She put her arm around him, and the light was falling just perfectly for a portrait. I had to take it. And there it was. I’ve always loved the protective posture of Pattie’s arm around George in those photos."

- Henry Grossman

Gold and Braid, another song on Enchanted, is an unreleased track from my Bella Donna sessions, and it’s about Lindsey wanting more from me in our relationship. But wanting to know everything about someone, which goes hand in hand with being in love, was never something I’ve ever wanted to share with anybody. Professionally, everybody always wanted me to be their idea of what I should be. I’d flat out look at people and say: “You know I’m not gonna do what you want, so why do you bother?”


Harold, Ruth, and little baby Brian May at the beach, late 40s.

Songs as Movie Posters


Freddie on the set of “Slightly Mad” 1991. x

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